The present course outline is based on a twice a week attendance, which is the minimum required for an optimal learning. It may be subject to small changes, according to the needs of each class.

Each level comprises 10 lessons.

Beginners Course

Week 1: Students introduce themselves, outlining students’ goals; adjectives to qualify their jobs, names of legal professions in Mozambique; briefly talk about the difference between American and British English (important for spelling purposes), Wh-questions; sense verbs, describing emotions in the context of a criminal offence, some prepositions, direct and indirect pronouns, possessive pronouns.

Week 2: Asking questions, modal verbs, past simple vs present perfect. Context: human/civil rights vs State violation of human/civil rights in Mozambique. Some case studies.

Week 3: Used to vs usually vs get used to, present continuous and past continuous, adverbs of time. Context: Employment Law: dismissal, resignation, retirement, redundancy. Talk about the article 184 of Lei do Trabalho and its novelty.

Week 4: Adverbs of place; expressing sympathy and regret in times of bad news and hardship; zero and first conditionals; future continuous and future perfect tense. Context: How Mozambique is/will benefit from the Oil & Gas contracts. Collateral damage caused by the gas exploration in Cabo Delgado.

Week 5: Introducing some “false friends” in legal terminology and their real equivalents in both Portuguese and English. Revision of the previous lessons, focusing on the tenses learnt. Mozambican courts categories, their hierarchical positions and jurisdiction.


Intermediate Course

Weeks 1: Where vs if; while vs whereas. Past perfect tense. Expressions/phrases used to express opinion and substitutes for “because”. How to use the following verbs: suggest, recommend, and advise. Contrasting conjunctions/connectors of contrast, Roleplays on dismissal and criminal offences. Every student will get the chance to play. Their arguments will be noted and analysed by their colleagues.

Week 2: Since vs For. interpreting exercises. Completing dialogues and asking questions to match statements. Context: buy/sell goods and services and bank sector terminology. Discuss retention of titles clauses. Second and third conditionals.

Week 3: Disciplinary procedure; sexual harassment in the workplace. Discussing Mozambican/UK case law.

Week 4: Different types of theft (embezzlement, corruption, robbery, assault, etc) and the Mozambican framework thereon. Some case studies/case law.

Week 5: Parts to a claim in civil and criminal proceedings. Discussing a famous case in the English Law, concerning environmental law. Case studies on environmental law in Mozambique.

 Advanced Course

Week 1: Understanding Mozambican and international contracts: the language and structure used. Some common phrases used in international contracts. Analysing public procurement and bids in Mozambique – procedures.

Week 2: Loan (Mortgage as example) application according to the Mozambican legislation and practice. Listing reasons for its refusal. Appealing the decision.

Week 3: Incorporating a company in Mozambique, articles of incorporation/association and bylaws. Mozambican Bankruptcy and insolvency Act.

Week 4:  The main people connected with a company: directors, shareholders, company secretary, auditor, accountant, employees, creditors, debtors. What are their duties? Intellectual Property Clauses and vocabulary around IP. HW: Students will be asked to write terms and conditions for their potential businesses.

Week 5: Discussing students HW – their terms and conditions. Discussing current noticeable topics around terms and conditions. Last question: ask students whether they are using AI and if so, to what extent.

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